Custom Order

Create the perfect meal plan for your pet

Your pet's diet may be specific. We can help

Let's face it we can't always know exactly what they want. Dogs can even be allergic to themselves. Our food at least gives you a great step forward in diagnosing what may be wrong.

Our online custom ordering system allows you to design a food plan that allows "rotators" of key elements, until you find what works.

How Does it Work:

  • 1.

    Choose a meal

  • 2.

    Select from level 1 base ingredients

  • 3.

    Select from level 2 base ingredients

  • 4.

    Choose the date range for feeding

  • 5.

    Confirm the feeding plan*

Let's go!

What a great step to take. You are in control and giving your pet the best chance at a great quality of life. You are a big part of this process and it's sucess. You need to pay attention at the results. we will help to you know what to look for.

Any questions left?

We will work with you to build the meal plan your pet needs. Maybe your vet or other expert has input or suggestions. We can help bring that altogether, and we can do it just for you and your pet. Call us, we make it simple.

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