Doggi Biscotti

  • The Bowen is a specially designed biscuit that is hypoallergenic, and packed with superfoods. This biscuit is a vital part of the daily diet of any dog, especially when combined with the k9360 meals. Biscuits need to match the protein of the meals that day, and when they do, a nutritional superfecta occurs.

    Hypoallergenic, Dog Biscuit. Natural, Superfood


    • Choice beef, ethically raised, managed and processed. 
    • Parsley, incredible benefits
    • flax seed
    • pumpkin seed
    • brown rice flour
    • carrot
    • apple
  • We recommend replacing anyother treats with this biscuit, used in a meaningful way throughout the day. Best consumed with a complimentary protein in the meal. eg. Beef biscuit, beef meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have Any Guarantee?

If your package is open or damaged, please lets us know and we will replace it. Take a picture if you can, it may help us to perfect our processes. Other then that all we can say is it a process to determine what works nurtritionally. You need to pay attention and when you see changes, wheter good or bad, you will have a good idea what to change. 

We are here for you, if you need to discuss the meal plan or ask questions.

What Is so Special About k9360 Products?

All of our recipes are designed, Nutrition first. We research test and perfect biscuits and meals that are not based on convienence. We aslo source our partners, growers and distributors very carefully. We are very concerned about quality at every step of each ingredients journey. 

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